Heroes, 11.05.07

November 6, 2007

Two comments about last night’s episode of Heroes.

First, I do not think I am in the minority when I say that after being incredibly awesome last season, Heroes kind of whimpered back for its sophomore effort. That is perhaps being too kind. It blew. All of last year’s burning questions (like, you know, “What happened to Peter after he became a giant nuclear bomb and flew up into the sky?”) were answered with, incredible, I know, even more obfuscation (“Oh, Peter? He woke up in a shipping container with amnesia! Obviously!”). Hiro, who has always been one of my favorite characters, was burdened with a plot line that seriously made me want to die, and I was gripped with a powerful desire to punch Greg Grunberg in the face every time he was on camera. It was not a good time. But last night, the first of a five-part story arc, was kind of a return to form. I mean, we’ll see. I’m hopeful. I think Heroes is at its best when it operates in short, dynamic story arcs, and I feel like after a listless, meandering, maddening beginning, it may well be back on track. I guess that makes sense – I mean, we’re talking about a show that is a stylized comic book- and Marvel and DC have learned this lesson well.

Second, poor, poor Caitlin. Talk about a bad relationship. You fall in love with a guy who has amnesia, and, also, the ability to beat shit up with his mind, and then next thing you know, not only is your brother dead, but your loser boyfriend has stranded you in the future. And, oh yeah, it’s not the flying cars and lasers and Orgasmatron future either. It’s the future where 93% of the population is dead from a terrible virus, and, as an added bonus, you’re being deported back to Ireland. Talk about a bad day. Good luck with all that.

The sad part is that I’m pretty sure the writers have wiped their hands with her. I would be genuinely surprised if she ever pops up again, and for Peter, this is probably a good thing. Seriously – you think your girlfriend was mad at you when you left your clothes on the floor in the bathroom? If Caitlin does come back, Peter is in it, and deep.